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**********Important Notice **********
Cirrus is a mature software product and will not have future updates. The following links are provided for re-installation of the product. Database updates will continue to be available and current.
Cirrus 5.0 needs to be loaded into a clean directory. If you elect to load it in an existing Cirrus Directory you must remove all previous Cirrus files from the "Cirrus" directory and all files from the subdirectory "DATA".
Exception: Saved flight plans with extension .CSC do not have to be removed and the Cirrus.ini file does not have to be removed.
If you elect to remove the .INI file make sure you have your access code and password to re-enter.
Windows Version Cirrus Version Instructions Software Download Size (bytes)
95 and Later 5.0 Instructions cirrus5_0.exe us 6081

Cirrus Software Installation Instructions

Windows 95 and Later Versions

  • Click on the file cirrus5_0.exe. Make sure you note the directory it will be downloaded into. When the download is complete go to the directory that was downloaded to and double click on Cirrus5_0.exe file and install shield will do the rest.
  • Database Updates

    The Cirrus Airport and Navigational Aids database is available on a 56-day update basis.

    To reduce download time and make Cirrus' display less cluttered, database updates are now available in three versions: all airports, airports with at least one runway of 2,500 feet or more, and airports with at least one runway of 5,000 feet or more. Note: The type of runway and its surface could be of any construction: asphalt, concrete, turf, etc. Please check the FAA's Airport/Facility Directory or other official information to ensure that the airport's runways will meet the needs of your aircraft for landing and takeoff.

    Database Updates - Chart Date JANUARY 04, 2017
    Airports Included Cirrus 5 Cirrus 4 & Earlier Size (bytes)
    All airports cu_rwyall_5.exe cu_rwyall.exe 633,076
    Runways of 2,500 ft or more cu_rwy25_5.exe cu_rwy25.exe 415,579
    Runways of 5,000 ft or more cu_rwy50_5.exe cu_rwy50.exe 150,159

    Installation instructions for database updates are given below.

    Database Update Instructions

    1. Create a temporary directory C:\UPDATE directory on your hard drive.
      To create the temporary C:\UPDATE directory, open Windows Explorer to show the contents of your C: drive. Click on File, click on New, and click on Folder. A new folder will be created and will be highlighted. Type UPDATE and press return to name the folder.
    2. Click on the selected .exe file (see the table above) to download it to the directory C:\UPDATE.
    3. After the .exe file is downloaded into your C:\UPDATE directory, use Windows Explorer to open your C:\UPDATE directory , and then double-click on the .exe file you downloaded.
      The database files in your Cirrus directory will be updated automatically.
    4. Close the window on the C:\UPDATEdirectory. Locate the icon for the C:\UPDATE directory in the C:\ folder, and drag it to the Recycle Bin. You no longer need this folder or the any of the files in this folder.

    There are quite a few new airports in this file, especially the file that contains "All Airports and Navaids," compared to the original Cirrus database. When you do a database update, it will ovewrite the following data files in the C:\cirrus\data directory:


    NOTE: This update will not affect the user defined waypoints you have entered into Cirrus.

    Attention! Since Airport and Navaid data changes every 56 days, loading this new information may affect the routes you have saved. Please validate all of your saved routes to ensure you are using the current navigation data in your flight routes.

    If you have any problems, suggestions or comments about Cirrus please e-mail them to

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