The CSRA DUATS site is fully QICP compliant when you use the "DUATS via SSL" link located at the end of the Access Code and Password line prior to logging on. You can also use the link:

Required QICP warning:

"Qualified Internet Communication Provider's (QICP) servers and communication interfaces are approved by the FAA as secure, reliable, and accessible in accordance with AC 00-62.

1) This QICP does not ensure the quality and currency of the information transmitted to you.

2) You the user, assumes the entire risk related to the information and its use."

CSRA comment: While the QICP program does not cover the quality and currency of the information, the FAA DUAT program sets forth rigorous specifications to ensure the quality and currency of the aeronautical information. CSRA DUATS has been tested and is continuously monitored by the FAA to ensure that the specifications are met.